[thelist] Copying tables

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Wed Oct 25 11:40:24 CDT 2000

> I know this is a FAQ but I can't find the answer.  I have an 
> Access database
> with about 50,000 records.  I have another table in the same 
> database with
> the same structure that is linked to a SQL server database.  
> I need to move
> all of the records from the Access table to the SQL Server 
> table.  Is there
> a simple SQL statement to transfer data from one table to another?
> I'm basically trying to upsize my Access table, but the Upsize wizard
> constantly craps out.

You moving to SQL Server 7? Use DTS instead; pull the data in instead of
pushing. Other than that, drop the data to file (ick I know) and bcp it into
SQL Server....

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