[thelist] AOL Question..god forbid

Janet F. waxplanet at sunflower.com
Wed Oct 25 13:14:28 CDT 2000


I've tried sending a link to an AOLer using the HREF tag around the URL.
I'm waiting to see if it worked.


> Janet, there's no solution, as far as I know.  I've subscribed to AOL
> recently (still getting it free) so I could check on things.
> Tried checking out this very issue recently.  AOL members can send
> workable links back and forth to each other.  They can send them to
> non-AOL folks, but when I tried sending one to myself it DIDN'T work
> (from my regular mailer to AOL).  I'm using AOL4 so not sure if 5 might
> be different or 6.  But, I've heard so many bad things about 5 I would
> never encourage anyone to upgrade to it, and 6 is no new the "word isn't
> out on it yet".
> Best wishes - I too consider it all very frustrating and wish I had a
> solution.
> Donna
> " Janet F." wrote:
> > I have a client in California using AOL.  He's not versed in
> computers (you
> > probably guessed that one already), and doesn't even know how
> to copy/paste.
> > Well, when I send him a link via email, he's not getting it as
> a link; only
> > as text.  I had him check his Preferences and check a box called Show
> > Addresses as Hyperlinks, but that still doesn't seem to do the
> trick.  Does
> > anyone have a solution for this problem?

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