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Alessandro Alessandro at bodytrends.com
Wed Oct 25 13:48:46 CDT 2000

I think "click here" under (or as part of) an image is appropriate. The
average consumer does not always realize he/she can click on an image.
Click here as a mean of having someone click a text link is a bit
antiquated. There's something to say about the familiarity a consumer has
with the actual words as they visually scan the text of a page, especially
if the text/link colors are non-standard.'
Here's what *really* drives me insane! The words "Click Here" when they are
NOT links. ( as in 'Click here to go see our new pictures' //and pictures is
the link).


my .02$,


> Am I the only one who thinks the words "click here" on a web site are
> redundant and stupid?  I'm in a constant battle with my "creative" folks
> about the use of the words "click here".  I think we should link the
> appropriate related word, but they insist on "click here".  I
> can't find any
> links or resources talking about the proper way to link, though.
> Is it just me?
> Chris Evans
> chris at fuseware.com
> http://www.fuseware.com
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