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Steven Wood steve.wood at serviceengine.com
Wed Oct 25 14:00:48 CDT 2000

> Am I the only one who thinks the words "click here" on a web site are
> redundant and stupid?  I'm in a constant battle with my "creative" folks
> about the use of the words "click here".  I think we should link the
> appropriate related word, but they insist on "click here".  I
> can't find any
> links or resources talking about the proper way to link, though.

I hear you.  So many times you'll see examples like this on websites:

To view your management reports, click here.
["click here" hyperlinked]

When they *should* be doing this...

View your management reports.
["management reports" hyperlinked]

I think the marketing and creative folks are reluctant to give up the "click
here" mentality because studies [with banners anyway] have shown that people
[newbies anyway] actually *do* click there when they see "click here".

I think the difference is in whether or not you are designing a "literal"
interface, or an "intuitive" interface.  The "intuitive" method is much more
elegant in my opinion, but the "literal" interface might actually prove more
marketable to the masses.  Sigh.

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