[thelist] Click here

Fred Hubnik fredh at austin.rr.com
Wed Oct 25 14:06:41 CDT 2000

>> Am I the only one who thinks the words "click here" on a web site are
>> redundant and stupid?

there is a lady in my office that did not know that words other than 'click
here' could be links.  she never noticed her mouse state changing when
hovering over words, and thought that the different colored text was for

i'm not joking about this.  now when i begin the think 'of course people
will know how to use this navigation bar' etc. etc. i have to remind myself
that this lady is a user, she is the lowest common denominator that,
unfortunately, we have have to consider.

i think it's redundant myself and looks cheap but, sometimes it's the only
thing that works.

f   g   h

fredh at austin.rr.com

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