[thelist] Permission Schemes in ColdFusion

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Wed Oct 25 15:04:48 CDT 2000

>I've previously created security, or permission schemes in ColdFusion by
>coding navigation links throughout the site with cfif statements that check
>for specific permission levels before displaying a link (or altering the
>link destination).  This method is labor intensive and difficult to maintain
>if changes are made.   I was wondering if there was a better way.


>I was thinking about using the Application.cfm template to
>verify permission levels when a link is clicked and then either continue
>displaying the current page, or locate the user to another page if they
>don't have access.

Yeah, do the application.cfm thing, and also in it you can set a 
variable that determines what template will be CFINCLUDE-ed later on 
in the templates ... then you only have to change one template per 
permission level if the permission level links change. Seems like an 
obvious solution, but your question was worded like you expected the 
answer to be obvious ...

- Erik Mattheis

(612) 827 3963

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