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Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Wed Oct 25 15:09:00 CDT 2000

> Am I the only one who thinks the words "click here" on a web 
> site are redundant and stupid? 

hi chris

nope, you are not alone (tm)

> I think we should link the appropriate related word, 
> but they insist on "click here".

most intranet content producers in my company use "click here", but 
fortunately, i think i'm winning the battle, because i'm the guy who posts 
all the documents to the intranet, dozens of them a week, and i routinely 
and ruthlessly always remove this gruesome phrase and make a link out of 
the appropriate text, which is always the TITLE or H1 of the target 

> I can't find any links or resources talking about the proper way to 
link, though.

   Probably the #1 rule is that you should not use "Click here" 
   to point to a document. Keep in mind that not everyone can
   "click" (e.g., some people are using non-graphic browsers) 
   and also consider that you or someone else might ever print
   out the document and on paper, "click here" just seems silly :-) 
   Therefore, it is best if the text of the link actually has something 
   to do with the content. It also makes bookmarks/hotlinks 
   work much better. 
                  HTML Bad Style Page

the point about bookmarks is rather subtle, because if you (not you chris, 
i mean web developers who use "click here") think your users are so stupid 
that they have to be told "click here" then there's not much chance 
they're gonna right-click to add the bookmark, are they?  but if they did, 
they'd get a bunch of bookmarks all called "click here"

> Here's what *really* drives me insane! The words "Click Here" 
> when they are NOT links. ( as in 'Click here to go see our 
> new pictures' //and pictures is the link).

yeah, that bites

send them a little note and tell them to change it to

  click <u>over there</u> to see our <a href=foo.htm>new pictures</a>


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