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>> When they *should* be doing this...
>> View your management reports.
>> ["management reports" hyperlinked]
>anyone else go back and forth with deciding if the best place 
>for the link
>is the verb or the noun? In this example, I think "management 
>reports" is
>the best choice (scanability for relevant information), but 
>sometimes I use
>the verb because I relate the clicking to an action... is that just me?

Yeah, I wrestle with where to put a link in a sentance. I personally think
the noun makes more sense contextually. In the document quoted below they
mention that "Click here" assumes a pointing device, which ain't always the

Quoting the WAI documents:

Good link text should not be overly general; don't use "click here." Not
only is this phrase device-dependent (it implies a pointing device) it says
nothing about what is to be found if the link if followed. Instead of "click
here", link text should indicate the nature of the link target, as in "more
information about sea lions" or "text-only version of this page". Note that
for the latter case (and other format- or language-specific documents),
content developers are encouraged to use content negotiation instead, so
that users who prefer text versions will have them served automatically.

Click here for the full document: ;p


Even with all that in mind, I often use "click here to [go to another page
or do something]" as a link. It's a little long, and I agree that we should
be moving to a context-based navigation scheme (that's what links were made
for, after all), but like somebody already pointed out, not all users do
real well with context. They need a little bit of the obvious thrown in. I
try to limit my use "Click here" and alway try to include some context in
the link. 


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