[thelist] Google's new advertising scheme(ot)

kev.skindrill kev.skindrill at bigfoot.com
Wed Oct 25 17:50:00 CDT 2000

> lithography or color lithography might work

 Yup, tried these as well, still no-one has asked for those phrases. The
reason I mentioned this case specifically is that if you enter "printer"
into a search engine a lot of the hits will refer to computer printers i.e.
laser or inkjet. I (foolishly) thought that someone searching for a company
to do their company letterheads might have specifically asked for a
lithographic printer to eliminate all computer related items. Apparently
not! My point is, therefore, that this was a useful device to use when
writing your keywords & phrases to see what the most common buzzwords are.
Ironically enough we do the old style letterpress printing, which is not
often found nowadays, and there were 100 queries asking for this. Strange ;)

<tip type="Windows ME" author "kevskindrill">
I've just up-graded to Windows ME and found an unusual problem in that it
re-started the computer when I disconnected from the internet. If this
happens to you there is a bug fix available that *seems* to solve the
problem (that is, it hasn't happened again since I installed the patch). Go
to Start>Windows Update and follow the usual procedure.

kjs at ratking.co.uk

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