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the head lemur lemurs at extremezone.com
Wed Oct 25 19:10:08 CDT 2000

> Am I the only one who thinks the words "click here" on a web site are
> redundant and stupid?  I'm in a constant battle with my "creative" folks
> about the use of the words "click here".  I think we should link the
> appropriate related word, but they insist on "click here".  I can't find
> links or resources talking about the proper way to link, though.

Not stupid Not Redundant.... but transparent. As we build sites and branch
out into more sophisticated techniques, with their spotty support, one of
the first things we usually kill is the underline. A lot of us cut our teeth
on the CCS hover and underline:none properties..

advertisers note that Click Here is an action word and is more likely to be

A whole page of click here is silly, but a focused use usually brings the
desired result.
remember that over 50% of the folks surfing have been at it less than a

If your navigation is not real clear or you have a deliberate path you would
like your visitors to take... Click here is a viable design tool..

the head lemur-alan herrell
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