[thelist] Microsoft and accessibility

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Thu Oct 26 01:22:30 CDT 2000

Hi folks,

as "Lord High Microsoft Basher" to many of my friends, it may come as a
surprise that I keep tabs on what Microsoft is up to, but I noticed this
resource today which I felt was something the list may find useful. They
have put together an Accessibility Guide. 

Now, I went in with a sceptical mind and I was partly vindicated. They do
advocate several methods for increasing accessibility that are Internet
Explorer based only. But nowhere (that I can see) do they advocate methods
that break other browsers. There is one page "How To" which provides some
very thought provoking methods for keyboard enabling all your content - a
subject that hasn't come up so much on The List.

Also their Testing Checklist seems to make a lot of sense.

The section itself is just a part of a whole Accessibility area on their
site. Worth a look I would suggest.


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