[thelist] ColdFusion : query a XLS

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 26 08:26:54 CDT 2000

looks like i'm a little late on this one, but thought it might be handy 
for you or others anyway...

Using Excel Spreadsheets as Web Data Sources

it's an ASP solution, but prepping the file is still the same... as is 
the driver...

> From: "s t e f || n o t a - b e n e . o r g" <stef at nota-bene.org>
> >
> >how the hell do you query an Excel Database in coldfusion???
> >
> >I declared the right DSN, I have a table called liste, and when I perform 
> >a simple "select * from liste" the server replies:
> >"ODBC Error Code = S0002 (Base table not found)".
> It's OK, after fumbling with MSDN for more than an hour I found that the 
> spreadsheet must be addressed like so : name + "$"
> So my query is now "select * from liste$"

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