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At 02:29 PM 10/27/2000 +0200, you wrote:
>[sender: Steve Cook || date: 13:38 27/10/2000 +0200]
>>Can PWS be installed on a Win 2K machine? We have SBS running on our office
>>network and I develop using PWS on Win 98 on my laptop. We bought a new
>>laptop recently which displays presentations better (15" screen on a
>>laptop!) but it runs Win 2K as well. Is there a version of IIS I can install
>>on it so that we can also schlepp around a copy of our website without me
>>having to carry a second laptop. If so, are there any conflict problems with
>>the fact that we already have IIS running on our server machine?
>I tried 98 PWS on WinME.
>It's a no-go.
>The install stopped saying it couldn't continue.
>It's not unistallable. I have PWStray working all the time, taking 
>resources for nothing.

You can probably find a way to remove it through the registry, if you're 
brave. =)

<tip type="Windows Hacks">

http://www.regedit.com/ is a good site for registry tweaks, undocumented 
features and
other nifty stuff.   Read the disclaimer before using their patches and 
tweaks though.
You can break your computer real good if you mess up your registry.


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