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david braun david.braun at centralnet.ch
Fri Oct 27 12:16:56 CDT 2000

one could actually annoy other people with a wonderful sit without any
"very basic hints", like "click me" and stuff, and thus get the peoples
neural-activities increased 1 level (call it learning process)

If they want it, they'll find a way how to get it. sounds arrogant,
maybe even is, but on a basic level I think this would be -er-


Fred Hubnik <fredh at austin.rr.com> schrieb am 25.10.2000:

> >> Am I the only one who thinks the words "click here" on a web site are
> >> redundant and stupid?
> there is a lady in my office that did not know that words other than 'click
> here' could be links.  she never noticed her mouse state changing when
> hovering over words, and thought that the different colored text was for
> emphasis.  
> i'm not joking about this.  now when i begin the think 'of course people
> will know how to use this navigation bar' etc. etc. i have to remind myself
> that this lady is a user, she is the lowest common denominator that,
> unfortunately, we have have to consider.
> i think it's redundant myself and looks cheap but, sometimes it's the only
> thing that works.
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