[thelist] Mac 68k browsers

Jason Morehead jmorehead at alphalincoln.com
Fri Oct 27 12:21:03 CDT 2000

>I have an old PB 165c (68030) running NN 4.08 and OS 7.6.1 and was wondering
>what the latest version of Navigator (or Communicator) I could run. I also
>want to run IE on it. I looked in the browser archive but wasn't sure of
>which installers I needed.

actually, you are running the latest version of navigator 4.x.  iirc, 
all of the subsequent updates to communicator (4.76 just came out 
this week) have only added little bells and whistles, but haven't 
changed the actual browsing component (navigator).  if you want the 
latest version of navigator, you'll need to download version 6, but 
it's still in beta.

as for IE, i'm not sure if IE 5 is 68k compatible or not.  i don't think it is.

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