[thelist] printing out a webpage that doesn't cut off thelast inch to the right

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Fri Oct 27 13:39:14 CDT 2000

an update:
I talked to one of our EE guys who used to write a lot of printer
drivers, and he confirmed that the default margins (and other
properties) used when printing a file are usually defined by the printer
driver (though some apps like Word and DTP packages go to great lengths
to set their own defaults).
For the purposed of this discussion, this leaves us at the mercy of the
driver manafacturer. He wasn't aware of any standards, but agreed that
you would *expect* manufacturers to at least be consistent across their
own devices. 
So all Canon printers should give you the same default margins say when
printing a web page onto US Legal paper. etc.

(He also warned that *any* measurements for the average laser/inkjet/etc
office & home printer would only be approximate. So first off I'd like
to test to see if this is true. Then maybe compile a list of those

I'm happy to assemble this stuff. (I've a couple of projects about to
get busy though, so this won't happen straightaway.) 

If anyone does want to do any testing, please print 

and email me/the list with: (I propose.. please amend if you think I'm
missing anything)
Browser version:
Printer details (and driver???):
Paper Size (e.g. US Legal / A4):
Printable Width (pixels)
Printable Height (pixels)

I'll try and get something online for collecting and displaying the
data, meantime email will suffice,


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