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Michael Collins mcollins206 at home.com
Fri Oct 27 14:07:18 CDT 2000

At 2:39 PM +0100 10/27/00, Mike King wrote:
>  >Can PWS be installed on a Win 2K machine?

You can use Win 2000 Professional for development purposes and be 
able to use it in a way nearly identical with Win 2000 Server, 
including the administration which is not limited to the Personal Web 
Manager interface that was available with Win NT 4 Workstation. You 
can now access the IIS Snap-in (was the Internet Service Manager) in 
the computer management application which will allow to test your 
settings exactly as they will be on the final server.

The following information is from an email on 5/9/2000 from Dennis 
Stout, Internet Information Services, Microsoft:

There will be a few limitations when running IIS 5.0 on Windows 2000 
Professional. Some of the most notable are the following:

1. You can only host one site.
2. There is a 10 concurrent connection limit (this is enforced from 
the Windows 2000 side, not IIS)
3. You cannot set up IP or domain restrictions.
4. No administration web site is configured (this is the 
Administration Web Site in the Internet Services Manager you see if 
you've used IIS 4.0 and up before).

For the most part, think of Windows 2000 Professional as a 
development server, and Windows 2000 Server (and higher) as a 
production server. Also, be sure when installing IIS 5.0 on 
Professional to install the Internet Services Manager (in the 
Add/Remove section of IIS). This will allow you all the 
administrative features of IIS 5.0 without having to use the 
interface that gets configured in your system tray.

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