[thelist] Opening Doc file on Intranet

Ashish india_design at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 28 09:33:50 CDT 2000

Hi People,
    Designed an intranet site for the company, and put a lot of Word docs on
it as well - intention being that user clicks on a link to a template, and
IE5+ opens the doc for him in a new window, all ready for him/her to start
filling in the details in the Doc. Something weird is happening, when I try
to launch a Doc, new window gets launched (as expected), then a pop launches
asking for user name and authentication (not expected at all), clicking on
cancel launches the doc in the opened window (as expected).
   This weird thing about password prompt is making me crazy, checked all
the IIS and NTFS security settings, nothing out of place, happens only on
Doc files - tried ZIP, PPT, EXE, PDF, everything goes through properly
without any login information being requested. In the login info, whatever I
enter, nothing is accepted. If somebody knows of such a thing happening,
would be grateful if I could get a suggestion.

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