[thelist] play sound onclick

Mike Ashton mashton at 4all.com
Sat Oct 28 09:42:08 CDT 2000

This is what we do for one of our applications.

This is the link that calls the jscript to pop open a window call another script
( could be a static page ) and start a realaudio.

<a href='javascript:openCall();'><img src='/images/listen.gif' border=0

At the top of the page here is the jscript that opens the window:

function openCall() {
                callplay = window.open
('./call_play.pl?call_num=CHIRC000266-2000-10-20', 'callplay',

I think your problem is that you either have to modify your jscript to accept a
URL variable like this:

> When the link is set to # the sound plays fine, but when I change the link
> to <a href="link.htm" onClick="javascriptfunction()"></a> the sound does not

<a href="javascript:javascriptfunction(link.htm);"></a>

> play anymore.  Does anyone know how I can play the sound and load a url at
> the same time?

hope this helps a bit.


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