[thelist] AOL6 tip/warning

Bill Mason data at data1701d.com
Sat Oct 28 12:54:11 CDT 2000

At 05:55 PM 10/27/2000, you wrote:
>I'm an AOL beta tester (mainly because it keeps me involved with their new
>"features", which, in turn, offers a good bit of entertainment). I've
>installed three different versions of AOL6 on my Windows 98 SE laptop. Each
>time I install it, it fools with my TCP/IP settings and I can no longer get
>any further than logging into my ISP. So, if this happens to you as well,
>simply re-add the TCP/IP protocol and restart. You should be good to go.

Didn't AOL5 do something similiar if you told AOL to be your default 
everything for the Internet?

And what's this I hear that in AOL6 you can't change the home page of the 
browser from aol.com?

Bill Mason
data at data1701d.com
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