[thelist] SSI problem!

Oliver Lineham oliver at lineham.co.nz
Mon Nov 13 05:48:38 CST 2000

At 11:04 13/11/2000 +0000, you wrote:

>Does anyone use SSI for headers, footers, etc on their site?

oh, i dunno, just half the planet :)

>A test page is at:
>(The page should look like: http://www.chi.gov.uk/eng/about/who.htm
>please ignore the links etc on the pages as most of them will not work)
>The header.txt file is at:

if you look at the source for the first link, you can see the SSI command 
is not being processed at all.  your SSI syntax is fine, the problem is 
with the server configuration.

>I have checked with my ISP and they say that yes I can use SSI on the site,
>so the server should be configured for SSI.

"yes you can use SSI" is different to "is configured for SSI"

you are using apache, and apache lets users (like you) set configuration 
options using ".htaccess" files.  try putting a file called ".htaccess" in 
the same directory as the .shtml file.  the .htaccess file should have the 

Options +Includes
AddHandler server-parsed .shtml

this instructs Apache to parse .shtml files in that directory (and all 
subdirectories) for SSI tags.

good luck,


ps.  you might want to ask your sysadmin to upgrade apache. you're running 
1.3.4 which is a bit old

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