[thelist] SSI problem!

Zoe Oughton zoe.oughton at btconnect.com
Mon Nov 13 06:25:36 CST 2000

Thanks </ol>

but it still isn't working!!!

>> Does anyone use SSI for headers, footers, etc on their site?
> oh, i dunno, just half the planet :)
well, I did think so, but you know!!!

>> A test page is at:
>> http://www.chi.gov.uk/eng/about/index.shtml
>> (The page should look like: http://www.chi.gov.uk/eng/about/who.htm
>> please ignore the links etc on the pages as most of them will not work)
>> The header.txt file is at:
>> http://www.chi.gov.uk/eng/about/header.txt
> if you look at the source for the first link, you can see the SSI command
> is not being processed at all.  your SSI syntax is fine, the problem is
> with the server configuration.
well, thats what I figured, which is why I asked my host about it!

>> I have checked with my ISP and they say that yes I can use SSI on the site,
>> so the server should be configured for SSI.
> "yes you can use SSI" is different to "is configured for SSI"
> you are using apache, and apache lets users (like you) set configuration
> options using ".htaccess" files.  try putting a file called ".htaccess" in
> the same directory as the .shtml file.  the .htaccess file should have the
> lines:
> Options +Includes
> AddHandler server-parsed .shtml
Well, I've done that, and it still doesn't work!!!! :(
you say call the file ".htaccess" - use only the suffix?? That's what I've
done, but is that right, should it be "filename.htaccess" ?

Does the .htaccess file go in the root directory, or do I need a copy in all
the site directories (I didn't think so, but being a thicky I don't really


Zoe Oughton
zoe.oughton at btconnect.com

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