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Michael Goddard Michael at tdh-marketing.com
Mon Nov 13 12:24:50 CST 2000

The only problem I believe with this is once you connect using the AOL 3
browser, the AOL server will automatically start updating the software to
the recent version.  I remember when I was an AOL user, this is one of the
big things that I did not like about AOL is that they update files without
my consent etc...I could be wrong so any recent AOL users out there let me

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> hi Gina,
> I'd be interested in getting a copy of AOL 3. How big is the file?
> If you can put it somewhere for download (http/ftp) that'd be great.
> You never know when you'll need these things, and as I recall 3.0 has
> some serious issues, that are worth knowing about.
> thanks
> Sam
> "Gina K. Anderson" wrote:
> >
> > |I might have an AOL3.0 installer around here somewhere.
> > |I'll look and let you know if I find one.
> > |Gina
> >
> > Well, guess what--I found it ;) Old copy of AOL 3.0 for Windows. If
anyone is
> > interested in it, let me know. I wrote Andrew offlist.
> >
> > Gina
> >
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