[thelist] hard won vector art tip...

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Mon Nov 13 13:41:33 CST 2000

At 3:50 PM 11/10/0, John Corry wrote:
> When exporting from Illustrator 9 to .swf, the default ppi is 72.

Actually, if there's a resolution specified, then it's no longer vector
art.... ;-)

(The Macromedia Flash Player can use bitmaps, but watch out for an
over-reliance on pixel-based art... it may affect filesizes, and can also
affect streaming, and there are compression, resizing, and memory load
issues to consider as well. The native streaming vector interactivity is
generally a stronger way to go.)

> I had all of this type within a path. It looked great in Illustrator,
> but....

If you've set out text-on-curve, then this isn't supported directly in the
Macromedia Flash Player. But if you "Convert to Paths" before conversion to
SWF, then these vectors will be usable on the web.

At 3:49 AM 11/13/0, Jason Belec wrote:
> Uh-huh, apparently you are unaware how poorly 72 or 96dpi text
> prints at such an increased resolution.

That's another good reason to stay with resolution-independent vectors
whenever possible... from the Macromedia Flash Player you can print these
out at whatever resolution the printer is, without affectin deliverable
file size.


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