[thelist] CSS problems

Tab Alleman talleman at autobex.com
Mon Nov 13 14:45:57 CST 2000

without checking my facts, I *think* that <body> tags may override external
style sheets.. you may have to put the styles inline.  Do you know if your
stylesheet is linked properly?  (does anything else in the style sheet

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Hi all,

In a site I am working on, the <body> tag makes the regular links #CCCC99
(darkish beige), but I need the default link color in CSS reading browsers
to be
#333366 (dark blue). However, they are still showing up beige--I have in my

A {
	color : #333366;
	text-decoration : none;

	color : #333366;
	text-decoration : underline;

	color : #333366;
	text-decoration : none;

	color : #333366;
	text-decoration : none;

Shouldn't this override the <body> tag links? I can't make the body tag give
blue links, because if it's the default link color, the navigation links
not be visible in a blue side column on older browsers.


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