[thelist] CSS problems

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Mon Nov 13 15:55:36 CST 2000

This is what I do:

1. put all your TD bgcolor declarations in CSS ONLY.
2. put all your link colors in CSS ONLY.


that's it.

Now, it may be that your nav bar is done with a bgcolor instead of a 
table cell, in which case this doesn't work so well.

But if you do it the way I outlined above, all non-CSS browsers see 
ONLY default-colored background and default-colored links.

If that is really ugly, make an HTML td bgcolor that is light-colored 
and readable behind the default link.  Make your CSS any colors you 
want; it will override the TD bgcolor.

http://www.seastorm.com/ uses these techniques.  Check it in a 
non-CSS browser to see what I mean.


>If you can't figure out your problem, a workaround might be to
>create a class in your external stylesheet and use a span of that
>class inside the href.
>  <a href="url"><span class="blueurls">link text</span></a>
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