[thelist] Google and evolt

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Mon Nov 13 17:43:43 CST 2000

Seriously cool that they found us through google..

the google bots do a pretty good job of indexing our archives, which is
good in cases like this :)

I would say at least 30% of people arrive at evolt(whether list
archives, browser archive) via search engines.. probably 75% of that 30%
gets here through google, so ya, i'll bet there are a ton of people here
who have come to us from google(a ton that is, averaging the average
humans weight.) :)


Anthony Baratta wrote:
> I though y'all would find this interesting. I've done google searches
> before and uncovered the evolt mailing list archives. Seriously, you ya
> think our subscription increase is partially in response to being indexed
> by google?
> At 03:10 PM 11/13/2000, you wrote:
> >Anthony,
> >
> >Just wanted to say thanks for posting the solution to the mysterious
> >"invalid x500 name" error when creating IIS 5.0 certificates. I searched
> >deja.com, support.microsoft.com, and others but couldn't find an answer.
> >Luckily you were kind enough to post your response at lists.evolt.org, which
> >I found with the google search engine.

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