[thelist] JOB: DHTML Developer, San Francisco

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Mon Nov 13 19:47:12 CST 2000

This could be a dream job for someone, but spam for the rest of you. Tip

frog werk (http://www.frogwerk.com) is the parent company to frog
this position is available immediately / ASAP)
** write with resume to: tomas.lanner at frogwerk.com **

frog werk has the opportunity for you to do the best DHTML of your life!
We're not talking about a rollover or making a DIV float across the
page--that's kid stuff. What we're doing is real web-application
development using DHTML as the front-end. So, if you're tired of being
asked to do the trivial, maybe we have your next career opportunity.

For starters, you might be the right person if:
You recognize the word "prototype" as a JavaScript keyword and not a
synonym for "disposable code".
Your method of version control is not creating a folder called "old
You know what "this" is.

This position is 100% software engineering. We're doing object-oriented
design and programming. You'll work right along side our Java
developers. You'll share the version control system and go through the
same QA process.

Required Skills:
First and foremost, you consider yourself a programmer--not a script
You have some understanding of OO techniques
2+ years of professional JavaScript programming
Expert understanding of cross-browser issues and workarounds
Expert knowledge of HTML, CSS, DOM and JavaScript

Desired Skills:
Understanding of UML diagrams
some Java experience (servlets, applets, or JSP)

Here are some screening questions to help you determine if you've got
what it takes:
How do you build a prototype object (a.k.a. a class) in JavaScript?
What is encapsulation and why is it important?
What is inheritance and how is it implemented in JavaScript?
What's one way of dynamically loading new content via a URL into a page
without refreshing the page?

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