[thelist] new web magazine - sitecheck please

Zoe Oughton zoe.oughton at btconnect.com
Tue Nov 14 03:32:20 CST 2000

> Jeremy Brothers wrote:
>> hi there-
>> i was hoping some kind folks might have
>> a chance to look at a site i've worked on
>> and provide feedback.
>> it's http://www.killingthebuddha.com

Hi Jeremy

I notice you have rollovers on your home page, that do not link anywhere!! -
Dogma and Scripture - my reaction to these rollovers is to click and I am
disappointed when nothing happens.  At the very least these should link to
the first article in that particular section.

You also really need some text links on each page to, at the very least,
return users to the home page - this could be at the bottom of each page.
OK the Killing the Buddha graphic is the home page link, but what about
people who have graphics turned off, and some may not realise that it is a

Also, for navigation, you may want some text links to the other main
sections of the site, on each page.  These can also go at the bottom of the
pages and so not affect the overall design.  But they may certainly help
people get around the site without constantly having to return to the home
page to go anywhere else!

If the only way to navigate is to return to the home page via the link at
the top of each page, you should really place a 'top' link at the bottom of
each page so that users can easily get back to the top of the page, rather
than having to scroll, especially important on pages that are particularly

It might also be an idea to have your contact link at the bottom of every

I like your photo gallery, the photos are nice and interesting and I like
the way you have larger pics appearing when a user rolls over the
thumbnails.  It also loads fast (but I do have a fast connection).

Anyway, enough for now.


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