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Ashish india_design at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 14 05:31:01 CST 2000

   Hope this is not off-topic. We have a small office with around 50 people.
We use a leased line for our internet access. The line should get something
like 64KBPS, but we don't seem to be getting that. Employees also use the
net for all things such as messaging, mail, etc. That is not a problem, but
we need some software which will measure the bandwidth which we are getting.
The traffic all passes through a router. I am not too experienced in this
area, so maybe I am not able to explain it properly, but what I am looking
for is a software which can measure the various protocols / ports (HTTP,
FTP, VOIP, etc.) which are currently open as well as the traffic through

May be off-topic, so here goes
<tip type="Asp.net, the technology formely known as ASP+">
For those of you who are doing some experimentation / want to do some
experimentation on the .NET platform (particularly ASP.NET), there are
several sites which provide tutorials / examples / others. Some of these are
http://www.asplists.com (There are a number of lists here which are catering

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