[thelist] Re: new web magazine - sitecheck please

Carleen Tracy carleen.tracy at b3interactive.com
Tue Nov 14 07:44:47 CST 2000

Hi Jeremy,
I really like the feel of the site. Great color selection, not cluttered

Although these design suggestions are subjective I will make one. How about
making center columns a bit wider, that will bring some of the content above
the fold and give users the ability to scan your top content very quickly.
It will also fill up a bit of the white space you have there (possibly 1/2
less than what is currently between the columns now). It might also work
nice if the blue lines separating the sections could stay on the same line
so they are nice symmetrical boxes. I know it's difficult to do this with
content changing often but it's a nice extra touch and it keeps the readers
eye from fighting where to look when things are equally balanced.

Others on the list have commented about the navigational structure so I
won't but I do agree with what they said.

It looks great!

> > From: "Jeremy Brothers" <jeremy_brothers at hotmail.com>
> > Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 18:19:17 EST
> > Subject: [thelist] new web magazine - sitecheck please
> >
> > i was hoping some kind folks might have
> > a chance to look at a site i've worked on
> > and provide feedback.
> >
> > it's http://www.killingthebuddha.com
> IE 5.0 Mac
> I found the sidebar text to have too little contrast from the
> background color -
> on the home page a little but moreso on subsequent pages -
> therefore somewhat
> difficult to read.
> I was confused by the rollover effects which turned out not to be
> links. I felt
> confounded.
> On my 800 x 600 browser window everything felt a bit cramped. This was
> compounded by the excess empty space surrounding the top bar.
> The word "submit" in the center of the top bar on several pages
> seems odd - as
> if there's a script or an SSI insert not working - is it really
> supposed to read
> that way? If so, I don't get it. Especially because a few pages
> had brief pithy
> sayings that worked well in a "pull quote" kind of way. The word
> submit sort of
> invites one to click but it's not a link.
> The graphics and main text areas don't align at the top like I
> would expect - I
> found that disconcerting.
> On the pages where you decided not to include a photograph on the
> left I was
> disappointed - the photographs add some liveliness and warmth to
> an otherwise
> cool and impersonal color scheme.
> In spite of all these shortcomings I liked it overall. I think
> it's a very nice
> concept and I love the simplicity but I feel that it would
> benefit greatly by
> some tightening up of the elements and a little more attention
> paid to color,
> specifically the lack of contrast in the side boxes.
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