[thelist] Netscape 6 Ques already.

Jamie Madden jamie at bayou.com
Tue Nov 14 13:19:25 CST 2000

We use virtual domains for our clients. We use Apache servers and FreeBSD 
and all of our domains are working perfectly in 6.  As far as who's fault 
incorrect layout rendering is, I assume we are all going to have to spend 
some time with 6 to find out it's idiosyncrasies.  We have to do this with 
every new browser release.  I haven't noticed any slow downs in my 
rollovers or my preloads and though I have had some table layout problems, 
I am almost positive it's my fault because I remember, specifically, that 
the table in question was a particularly ugly hack.

We yell and scream for standards compliance and then when someone actually 
tries to build a browser to pacify us (granted, not completely compliant) 
we yell and scream because we have to fix our code to match.  There really 
is no satisfying a developer.


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