[thelist] Netscape6 awarded knob of the week

Judah McAuley judah at alphashop.com
Tue Nov 14 15:52:03 CST 2000

At 12:14 PM 11/14/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Alright I did it...
>Downloaded Netscape 6, Custom install, thought everything was going fine,
>took an hour on a T1 to download, went away from my desk, when I came back
>my desktop was covered with random xul files..., deleted them opened up
>Netscape they came back, now I deleted Netscape from my drive.
>This is the most janky piece of technology...
>Never never again...
>Netscape just lost a user...

Just to give the other side of the story...

I downloaded Netscape 6 today and haven't had any problems.  The download 
was timing out on connection when I had it try the default location.  I'm 
assuming that it was because of high demand.  Then I manually chose 
Australia as my download location, and it downloaded at 30K/s.  It 
installed just fine.  I really liked the option to save the installer files 
so you can reinstall later without having to touch the network.  It only 
installed what I asked for.  I couldn't believe that it gave me the option 
to *not* install AOL IM, and then it really didn't install it.  Didn't even 
prompt me.  Better than I expected out of AOL.

Since I've been using it today, I've noticed one image alignment problem on 
one of our sites.  Haven't seen a single CSS or javascript error.  Lays out 
tables really quickly and, IMHO, correctly.  It's had some tardy or 
somewhat buggy screen redraws that were fixed by resizing the window.

Near as I can tell, it's a good .0 release.  I'm looking forward to a .01 
release, as I always am with new software.  But I really can't see what so 
many people of complaining about.  My biggest complaint, actually, is that 
it takes a really long time to start up.  I'm assuming that its because 
Netscape 6 uses a cross-platform code base, and isn't tweaked/optimized for 
Windows. Everything else looks reasonably decent for a first major release 
of a new product.


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