[thelist] Google and evolt

rudy Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Tue Nov 14 16:30:30 CST 2000

> BTW, babble is back up and running at egroups as highfivebabble

hi terry

many of us still are subscribers to babble/highfivebabble as well as 
evolt, although i am disappointed that the babble list volume is taking so 
long to climb back up

i liked babble because of the exposure to right-brain design-oriented 

some feedback we got at evolt was that thelist discussions seemed to be 
too backend-oriented, but in my opinion, recently thelist has had a much 
better balance between design and backend

perhaps all you former/current babble subscribers will make sure there are 
always sufficient design-oriented threads going on, in case the code 
jockeys amongst us get too carried away...

> (Was that a tip?)

not unless you put it inside <tip>...</tip> tags    ;o)

tips are supposed to be automatically harvested, but our harvester has 
been broken for a few months -- this is just one of the things we are 
hoping to fix real soon now (tm), starting with the codefest this coming 


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