[thelist] NN6 killed my CSS!

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 14 18:51:37 CST 2000

> From: jmerriam <jmerriam at achilles.net>
> please excuse me, but really f**k, as in fuck N6.  this ride is over.

that's a lot of bile, especially considering that the post you replied 
to was about an error in the CSS, one that N6 was rendering 

c'mon folks, whether or not you like it, it's out there... no, your 
users may not use it, but what kind of a developer are you if you 
disregard it completely, even for testing?

there have already been a few posts about how it sucks, but 
without any reasons why, and a few other posts about how it's 
broken, when it's either been bad code or nobody's done enough 
testing to see what the real issue is... there've been a few about 
how it's wonky, and *why* it's wonky... those are useful...

so please, reserve judgment for now, and post criticism with 
examples (after testing), not just rants... just because something 
worked in older versions doesn't mean it will now, and in many 
cases that i've seen so far, it's the code that's broken, not the 

the subject should be, "N6 rendered my CSS properly!"

> forget about this dead horse.  does anybody expect anyone to actually 
> download this?

apparently so, based on the N6 threads we've seen today...

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