[thelist] Re: OT web designers dreams...(was NN6 killed my CSS!)

Katherine Spice k.spice at acu.ac.uk
Wed Nov 15 05:24:17 CST 2000

> > Result? Clients come to professionals (ie us), who can charge a
> > professional rate. Meaning we're all closer to that [Audi
> of course, none of *us* has such altruistic goals ...
> ... mmmm ... Audi TT ... *damn!* ;)

it seems we're proving true to type! according to this article on
guardian unlimited (tho' i'm sure i saw it first in computing/computer
weekly) the car we ("The dot.com executive") most want to drive is an
Audi TT and our dream job is being a pilot! 


It also reckons retirement age varies from 30-70! For once I don't mind
being a statistic!

<tip type="setting the name of a file downloaded from your site">
Normally this is the name of the file you're downloading, but when the
download is dynamically generated you end up with "program.pl" (with
perl for example) in the save as box, when the file could be an image or
text or anything!  
The solution: Generate a http header where Content-type is not something
the browser will display (ie not HTML or TXT) and use
Content-disposition to declare it as an attachment with the name you
Example (for text output using PERL and CGI.pm)
	print $q->header(-type=>'application/octet-stream',

        open(MYPROG, "program.pl");

        while (<MYPROG>) {
                print $_;
printing standard output ($_) to whatever.txt


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