[thelist] Netscape6 awarded knob of the week

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Wed Nov 15 08:19:18 CST 2000

 >> My biggest complaint, actually, is that
 >> it takes a really long time to start up.
 >Yes, it's far slower than IE5.5 to load up which makes it a bit
 >of a pig for an instant hit.

I don't blame this on Netscape really. Most of the IE 5.5 libraries are 
loaded up when you first turn on your computer - it's all part of the 
Windows integration feature that IE 4 started. Really when you click IE 
5.5, you're just starting up the graphical interface to libraries which 
have already been running - that's why it's so quick.

I actually caught myself saying this as well as couple of times, Netscape 
being slow and all. Technically, it's slow compared to IE 5.5, but that's 
only because 5.5 is more closely integrated with the operating system.

I've noticed, in my last couple of posts, that I seem to be backing 
Netscape pretty heavily. I have no affiliation with them, nor do I have 
that weird "Macs suck! Down with Microsoft! OOooOh!" attitude. I use what 
works, and I give everything a chance.

Morbus Iff
.sig on other machine.

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