[thelist] NN6 killed my CSS! (Now OT)

Baker, Nick BakerN at mso.umt.edu
Wed Nov 15 09:06:27 CST 2000

Re.: NN6 probs.
Look at the bright side: Browser quirks = Job Security for us. Once browsers
become completely compatible and stable, there will be a lot less work for
web monkees.

<tip> If a hard drive on your Mac crashes, try Disk Warrior. I spent three
weeks screwing around with Norton and their technical "assistance" folk with
absolutely no success restoring my 50g HD. Found Disk Warrior on a web
search for "restore mac drive." 
In 30 minutes I had downloaded the software _and_ the drive was back up,
with no probs since. Costs $70 USD for the download + they'll send you the
disk as well, with additional goodies.
"I have absolutely no connection with Alsoft except as a grateful customer."

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