[thelist] Re: NN6 killed my CSS!

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 15 09:14:30 CST 2000

> From: Eric Benvenue-Jennings <eric at rapid13.org>
> I'm in the camp of F**K NN6! Firmly. Quite frankly, it's the
> worst browser I've ever seen for the Mac. It consistently cannot 
> display framed sites correctly and it mangles many pages that 
> I've been visiting regularly with no problems in IE5 and NN4.

i think it's worth checking the code as well... i think we can all 
agree that we've all built sites that are not 100% standards-
compliant in order to bridge the gap between the differing ways IE 
and NN have rendered pages in the past...

obviously there will be some transition period... and if the code isn't 
up to spec, you can expect to see pages display in ways not 
intended by the designer...

hell, just running the pages you cite through the validator should 
suggest to you whether or not it's the browser... but i'd bet you 
haven't done that, and very few people will... so instead of learning 
the quirks and coding correctly, we're going to see more people 
ranting about N6 and how they won't support it (or compliant code) 
on their sites... btw, got any URLs?  i'd love to see the pages N6 is 
rendering 'incorrectly'...

seriously, you've had 1 day to check the release version, you can't 
have enough evidence... and if you've been using the PRs or the 
Mozilla builds, then you can't be surprised by any of this...

> Honestly, there are too many major problems to even begin 
> listing them. It's crap and useless and it's about to become 
> widely used. What a frikkin' nightmare for web developers! The 
> source of the rage isn't overwork or an irrational perspective - it's 
> frustration at having such dreck forced on us.

actually, it does sound like an irrational perspective... 'crap' and 
'useless' are both unqualified...

c'mon folks, test it first... check your code, compare notes on 
what's right and what's wrong, but don't post bile to this list, there 
are too many people here looking for valuable insight about real-
world experiences and examples...

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