[thelist] NN6: Two scroll bars...

Mike King _redroom_ at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 15 09:30:43 CST 2000


Has anyone else seen this in NN6... when viewing a page, two scrollbas appear on the
right of the screen? Or alternatively only one will appear, but it won't reach the bottom
of the screen? Both of these problems occur on a page that's HTML4.01 compliant (and
Bobby 3.2 too)
The odd thing is that if I save the file to html (the original is created from lots of
includes) it works OK! I have a feeling this may be something to do with the CSS... but
that is almost compliant as well... I say almost, because I've found that NS4.03 doesn't
like background-color: inherit, it makes the background an odd green?? So they're not in.
If anyone's interested, I can probably get the two files (static and live) up on a site?

Mike King

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