[thelist] Pay Up Or Else ... Client Ultimatum

narrator narrator at idiom.com
Wed Nov 15 14:57:38 CST 2000

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, Michele Foster wrote:
> an as-required basis.  Now the client has decided that they don't have time
> to approve the changes I had completed, which were done as requested.
> They'll pay once they've have time to review the new material.  To which I
> replied, that I was not pleased with that situation, and that they agreed to
> pay on a month by month basis for all work completed in the prior month.
> And, if they wished to change the terms of the agreement, i.e. paying on a
> project by project basis, then I would institute my 30% deposit, 30% upon
> initial mock-up approval and 40% upon completion "standard" pricing scheme.
> "No, I'm not paying for anything before it is done... "  <sigh>

I would resign myself to losing this client if I were you. I wouldn't,
however, pull their site down, unless you're hosting them and they're not
paying server/usage fees. If you've done the whole site and they've paid
you for that work, it's theirs. However, if there are sections you  have
placed up and they haven't paid for, it seems fair to pull those pieces
down until they cough up, after sufficient written warning is given
(1 week? 2 weeks?). They are beginning down that dark road of Crappy
Client, it's tricky to divert them. Do you have a signed contract
stipulating your payment policies? You may have luck with sending a
strongly worded late notice to them and if that doesn't work and the
invoice is worth it, hiring a lawyer to draft a letter of collection. It
all depends on how much it's worth to you in time and money. I wouldn't do
anymore work for them until you have the payment problems ironed out,
obviously. HTH, good luck.

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