[thelist] terrible site from Jaguar

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Wed Nov 15 17:50:48 CST 2000

> anyone buying a jag  - has the latest and greatest of everything...
> that is assumed and expected of their audience

but what also is assumed is that this audience (affluence and financial
worth) has the brains to have the latest software and keep up with
installing new versions as they come out. I suggest the two are not so
tightly intertwined. Show me an exec shopping for a Jag and I'll show you a
technophobe with a big expense account.

By also doing this, they turn away sales from those of us who can't get info
for various reasons (Bob's recognition of poor usability, or even someone
who wants a Jag but has IE 3).

*NEVER* turn away sales.

> i anticipate more marketing site will be all in flash.
> maybe old school developers won't like that...
> but i think that will be the trend.

Which in my mind is unfortunate (and narrow minded), because it is
over-engineering and turning the web into what it was not intended for:
Information. The web isn't a TV commercial, for crissakes.

*NEVER* turn away sales. Make the damn site usable.

(Hi. I'm old school, can ya tell?)

think safely

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