nav6 resource consumption (was RE: [thelist] Netscape6 awarded knob of the week)

isaac isaac at
Wed Nov 15 20:57:13 CST 2000

> but i do wonder whether IE is a hog also. because much of IEs brains are
> hidden in other processes, it's not possible to put a figure on
> its memory
> usage.

Can we then get a comparison from a Mac user perhaps? It'll hardly be a
conclusive test, but fun anyway. :p

ie, first open up only IE5 (or whatever you guys are up to these days),
browse to a page and then check the memory usage.

then, do the same with only Netscape 6. Also, perhaps try it with a recent
version of Mozilla, Netscape 4, Netscape 3, etc.

I'm using NT 4 Server. I have IE5/Netscape3/Netscape4 open, all at the same
(fairly simple) page.

Memory usage:

Netscape4:	7076k
Netscape3:	6588k
IE:		4008k

When they're all minimised:

Netscape4:	1084k
Netscape3:	1956k
IE:		 768k

I have one of the Netscape 6 previews, but when I tried to load it out of
curiosity, it had lost my "account", and crashed trying to load the form to
sign me up. Err, OK.

The only version of Mozilla I have is around M11 I think. It's usage for the
page in question was about 14000k.


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