nav6 resource consumption (was RE: [thelist] Netscape6 awarded knob of the week)

isaac isaac at
Wed Nov 15 22:11:11 CST 2000

Just an update:

> Memory usage:
> Netscape4:	7076k
> Netscape3:	6588k
> IE:			4008k

I downloaded Netscape 6 (without all the extra junk).

I tried that same page as in the above case (with the NN6 sidebar turned
off, and using the classic theme), and the memory usage is over 17 MB.

Now, IE might have the integration to save it reporting a high memory usage,
but Netscape 3 and 4 don't. Netscape 6's 17 MB vs Netscape 4's 7 MB is a
fairly significant difference.


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