[thelist] Animation colours shifting

Niklaus Haldimann n.haldimann at derbund.ch
Thu Nov 16 03:21:33 CST 2000

At 09:17 15.11.00 +0000, Anne Pennington wrote:
>I have to make an animated banner for a client and the colours always shift
>and look awful. It is at:

I don't know Gifbuilder, but I guess it's trying to optimize the banner,
when you save it as an animated gif (flat color areas = smaller file size).
Look for color and optimization settings in Gifbuilder. Or try another gif
animator - I use JASC's Animation Shop all the time, it's got a lot of
nifty features. You can download an evaluation copy here:

One remark: The animation in your banner is too fast, I barely can't read
the text, I'd slow it down a bit.


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