[thelist] Re: thelist digest, Vol 1 #879 - 36 msgs

hodgsonm at citywatch.co.uk hodgsonm at citywatch.co.uk
Thu Nov 16 04:22:44 CST 2000

Delivery Failure Report - Citywatch.co.uk

Recipient: "michael.hodgson" is currently out of the office for an extended period.
He will return Friday 17th November 2000

Should you require an urgent response to your emails, please send a copy to
chris.riley at citywatch.co.uk

Please can you ensure that the correct email format is used on all 
inbound mails as without the correct addressing certain emails will 
not be delivered to the final destination.

Please note that the format to use for all mails is 
Please pay particular attention to the . inbetween the first and 
second names.

This mail has not been delivered to its destination, please resend 
using the correct mail address format.

Please contact "admin at citywatch.co.uk" for further assistance

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