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> Has anyone else started a design shop under the same or similar
> circumstances? Right now, I'm starting to pick up an increasing number of
> freelance clients and would really like to share the load with my two
> friends (a 3D animator and a Director/Authorware developer) We've done
> countless number of projects for our employer, but we'd really like the
> flexibility of taking on some more adventurous and (dare I say) 
> "hip" jobs.

That's a combination of skills which is unlikely to result
in a fair and profitable distribution of workload, imho.

We've been going for a few months and are currently a
little sidetracked (everyone wants DB-driven sites, we're
doing them for cashflow, my biz partner doesn't mind since
"one bit of coding's very kuch the same as another to me"
but it drives me nuts).

We actually started this company to launch some products
and/or services, but the grim fact is that what we want
to do involves us paying ourselves money without bringing
in the bread - so until February (which will be the better
part of a year by then) we're stuck doing fiddly sites
and idiot-proofing them.

Just make sure that everyone can handle that :-)  God knows
I'd be more irritated by this if I didn't know our clients
so well...

John Handelaar

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