[thelist] Animation colours shifting

Carleen Tracy carleen.tracy at b3interactive.com
Thu Nov 16 07:51:29 CST 2000

Hi Anne,
the color changes are happening becasue gif builder is optimizing your
graphics when you save. There are settings in GifBuilder which will allow
you to leave a greater number of colors in the final file. The trade off is
that the file size of the final gif will be considerably larger. Having done
billions of animated banners, I know it's a hard balancing act trying to get
the file optimized as small as possible but still reatain the color balance.
Another issue might be that the file you're using as the original is already
optimized and you are optimizing it further. Any chance you can get your
hands on the original art?
Try messing with the settings in GifBuilder to allow max color retention in
the final file. This will help tremendously. I haven't used GifBuilder in
awhile so I can't tell you where this is.
Hope this helps some.

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> Hello there everyone
> Do you think some kind soul could have a look and tell me why I can't get
> this right.
> I have to make an animated banner for a client and the colours
> always shift
> and look awful. It is at:
> http://www.ecominfo.net/sterling.htm
> The top banner was sent by the client and I took the first frame, deleted
> all the text so I could put the new text over. Each frame looks fine in
> Photoshop but when brought it into Gifbuilder all the grading
> appears and I
> can't get rid of it. The thing is, the original is also animated
> and has no
> grading.
> Can anyone give me some advice on this? Thanks.
> Can you mail me directly as I am on the digest.
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