[thelist] bg image using css not showing

Lisa Bartholomew lisa at koolfish.com
Thu Nov 16 08:08:31 CST 2000

Bob wrote
"Are you using DW by the way? It has a bug where it writes the code for a
bk graphic as a root relative path (ie, /images/graphic.gif), even if you
want it to be document relative (ie, "images/graphic.gif)."

Spot on, I was using dreamweaver and what you suggested fixed that problem
in IE. When I checked in Netscape 4.7, the image does not display on the
right, it stays on the left and it is doing something screwy to my last line
of text. The copyright notice is displaying twice.

does the css code  background-position: right top work in Netscape? If not
what are my options.

Also, the cell is not displaying the full image. When it gets to the last
line of text it cuts the rest of the image off. Is there any reason for


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