[thelist] terrible site from Jaguar

aphelan (Andrea Phelan) aphelan at confederationc.on.ca
Thu Nov 16 08:34:07 CST 2000

Actually,  I wasn't too concerned with the 'flashiness' of this site. a Jag
isn't exactly a small time purchase, if you want one, you want one, and
you'll go the distance to aquire one. Not that that necessarily condones
what the developer did, but jag's aren't a mass market product, and let me
tell you, if i had deep enough pockitses to be webhunting for a jag, i'd go
the distance to see that site :)

However, I think i would have given up and run for TT'ville when I tried to
USE the site! Me being canadian, I tried to access the canadian site: it's
in french. I couldn't access an english version of the canadian site. i'm
not french! but then again...give me the dough for a jag and I'll learn
cantonese to get it! teehee

in any case, this is mostly an agreement :) i don't think that the flash is
such a big deal, but the internal design, the registration, the uh, language
barriers? Audi, here I come! :) Enter a world where my biggest decision is
Coupe, or Roadster? but then again, this ones flash too :) maybe i'll go buy
a 911, thats not a flash site...


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Check this out - everything is Flash.  The forms, the whole interface,

I've never seen a site that was as hostile toward users.  You can't find out
anything about the car without going through a registration process that
resulted in 16 emails being sent to me after which you have to log in (why
not just forward you to the "you've already logged in" page after submitting
the registration info?).  Logging in is still in progress, but, since they
used Flash for everything, I can't look at the progress bar to see how far
along it's gotten.

They totally broke the browser.


The car is beautiful though.  How about this instead of the TT, Martin?



bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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